2017-07-21 00:02:51 by ZeTrystan


On my birthday, I… (choose the good answer):

1) Received 3 Ferraris
2) Won the lottery
3) Saw the saddest anime ever with my friend Bekki

Which is the right answer? :’>


Only 6 days remaining for my Ulule crowdfunding of my CARD COLLECTION! We’re almost at 200%! Last boost wooh wooh wooh!:


Also, don’t forget that I’m also participating in Premières Neiges, an COLLECTIVE ARTBOOK! We need help (financing, shares, talking about it) to be able to get to our goal! Only 14 days remaining! We can do it!:


OH! We got to 150% on my RPG Cards project on Ulule (we’re at 166% now!).

It’s awesome, it unlocked the first stretch goal. Now, a bonus card will be added! Wooh!

Thanks again for all the support on my projects. It’s reassuring to see people interested a little in what you do. 


(For those who are still interested, it’s here: )



RPG Character Card Collection!

2017-05-18 16:10:42 by ZeTrystan


Hello people! My project to print my RPG Characters as cards if finally open!

If you want to buy some for yourselves, it’s here!:


I hope this project will work and that you’ll want to back me!



Mmmh. For some reason, I've been getting a LOT of frontpages for my drawings/gifs, lately. It's nice! I really wonder why though, haha. But at least it motivates me to think there's someone out there who likes my stuff.

Hope you're having fun with my art! Don't hit me too hard. It's coming out by itself.
(Was this a weird way to plug a gif I made that I like? Yup. Yup it was.)


Tired tired tired

2016-03-22 22:33:53 by ZeTrystan

I'm so tired. I have work and projects and stuff... and I simply can't do anything. Bleh.

I want to sleep for 1000 years, at least.




2015-01-28 03:41:52 by ZeTrystan

If feeeeeel the artblock entering my skull.

Brrrrr. Hate it. Hate it so much.

I'll kill artblock's babies.


Facebook page

2014-01-13 12:19:18 by ZeTrystan

Hey people! I have my own Facebook page now!


Check it out and drop a like if you... like. Duh.

New here!

2012-07-23 18:16:37 by ZeTrystan

I reached 20 years of existence a few days ago.

So let's try something new: let's try Newgrounds!

So hi everyone (everyone being the random people getting on my profile by accident). I hope I'll have fun on this website. It sure seems promising, at least!