150% on my RPG Cards project! Well... nice!

2017-06-02 21:50:33 by ZeTrystan


OH! We got to 150% on my RPG Cards project on Ulule (we’re at 166% now!).

It’s awesome, it unlocked the first stretch goal. Now, a bonus card will be added! Wooh!

Thanks again for all the support on my projects. It’s reassuring to see people interested a little in what you do. 


(For those who are still interested, it’s here: www.ulule.com/cartesrpg/ )




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2017-06-02 23:59:09

Dude they look awesome keep up the good work

ZeTrystan responds:

Thanks! I'm happy this little project is working! :)


2017-06-03 12:28:20

Yooooooodude that is awesome!!!! I don't have any money, I can't buy any right now but I really want some to use for mtg! How long will they be up for sale???

ZeTrystan responds:

They are still for sale for... a few days! @_@