I want to eat ice cream real bad

2017-03-05 23:34:16 by ZeTrystan

Mmmh. For some reason, I've been getting a LOT of frontpages for my drawings/gifs, lately. It's nice! I really wonder why though, haha. But at least it motivates me to think there's someone out there who likes my stuff.

Hope you're having fun with my art! Don't hit me too hard. It's coming out by itself.
(Was this a weird way to plug a gif I made that I like? Yup. Yup it was.)



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2017-03-06 00:20:39

"Sweet" gif

ZeTrystan responds:

Thanks, sweetypie! ;D ;D ;D


2017-03-06 02:27:53

clickbait why did you do this to me

ZeTrystan responds:

I know right. Everyone wants ice cream.


2017-03-27 00:10:17

I love your work Trystan, it's a joy to visit the site when I see something of yours in my feed.
Keep it up!

ZeTrystan responds:

Well, that is a VERY NICE thing to say, B! Way to put me in a good mood. :)


2017-04-11 18:47:12

Well overall, congrats and keep up the awesome work that has made you front paged many times now and many times more ZeTrystan.

ZeTrystan responds:

Well thank you! I'll... try! x) Gotta improve.