Tired tired tired

2016-03-22 22:33:53 by ZeTrystan

I'm so tired. I have work and projects and stuff... and I simply can't do anything. Bleh.

I want to sleep for 1000 years, at least.




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2016-05-23 11:35:16

I know but still people do apreciate your hard work so keep it up and you'll get higher and higher plus you can go to a vacation from time to time >.o

ZeTrystan responds:

Hahaha, I'm sure waiting for a vacation time! It's not coming until quite a while. :')
But thanks, it's super appreciated!


2017-01-11 21:02:15

I've always wondered if there was a shirt that could have a looping paradox, like the ' Damn Tired ' shirt.

ZeTrystan responds:

I'd want a shirt like that.


2017-02-08 13:41:47


ZeTrystan responds:

Still tired here. Is our tiredness going to end one day? Who knows.


2017-02-17 05:32:12

Hahaha ma p'tite poutine, je regarde ta galerie, t'as deja posté 19 images en 2017 !!! xDD
l'homme productif !!!

ZeTrystan responds:

Mwaiiiiis. Je fais pleins pleins pleins de cacas dessinés! Huhuhu! /o/

(Et je me sens TELLEMENT pas productif en plus. :'<)